Friday, 12 January 2018

Hello, 2018

For 2018 I really don’t have anything major planned, but I know I have a few things set that I want to keep here as a constant nudge to keep going at it.

1. Move houses, when me my boyfriend and our friend first got this flat, it was everything we wanted and needed at the time, a year and a few months have passed since and it just feels right for myself and Elliot to do the adult thing and move into our first home together, just us two, no one else.
2. Go back to loving my job, recently I’ve been getting extremely stressed due to my job and I really want to go back to just enjoying it while also getting everything done.
3. Be healthier, with the food I’m eating as well as exercising, just overall a healthier happier person.
4. Spend more time focusing on things I enjoy, whether that’s writing more on this blog or just watching/reading stuff I really like.
5. Save money, just save so much money.

Nothing really groundbreaking, but if I can at least follow these simple things, then I know I’m going to love 2018.

Thanks for the read!
Zelah xo

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