Wednesday, 17 January 2018

January day trips

Having the week off work means staying in bed past 9 (which is late for me) and going on week or day trips, we were both pretty skint after Christmas and my birthday, so a couple of day trips worked a treat.

First we got a super early coach to London, I’d say my highlight from London was finally going into Cereal killer cafe, I fell in love with the interior as well as the sweet breakfast focused menu, so dreamy.

We then popped over to Bristol to get photos developed, but stopped by You&meow (Bristol’s cat cafe) and I was in heaven, it was the best! We also walked some routes we hadn’t gone before and discovered some really picturesque areas.

This is pretty much all the productive things I’ve done this week, the rest has consisted of naps, tea and laundry.

Thanks for the read!
Zelah xo

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